Flite Fest Ohio 2019 Combat

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Hey FliteTesters:
My two sons and I have attended the last two FliteFests and had a blast. This year we want to try our hands at the Combats. Are there any published rules? We have a couple ideas to make our planes more durable and longer flying and some super secret plans too. Any thoughts?
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PS Go Buckeyes!

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I have been in about a dozen combats and the winner always has the same setup, a small plane with a long flight time and good control. I have seen nutballs, ft flyers, and aerobatic fpv planes win the most. Fly high until they ask you to lower your plane. The first 30 seconds are the most intense so fly long paths and stay out of the center! Also if you see a big build STAY AWAY!!! A lot of people (like me) like to see if they can take out the big builds that get thrown up in the air. It is a lot of fun even if you don't win. You might want to invest in something to keep track of your plane if it is real small. A lot of people lose their planes every year. So something like a streamer or real visible colors helps you find it.


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I had an idea for a combat plane, a FT 22 with a C pack and some maneuverability mods. BS projects is right the light resilient projects do the best.


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I never really thought the combats were ever about "winning".
It's fun to see planes collide, and foam bits flutter in the sky.
Do you really ride the bumper cars and try to avoid the other riders the whole time?
By all means, build something that can take (and give) damage, but throw that plane out there and have some FUN!


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a bloody baron with a 3S-2200 is small, nimble, and can fly for almost 20 mins on that battery with a c-pack motor. also cheap, quick, and easy to build so if it does get totaled, you can build another without worries. if i was going into combat, it would be my choice every time.

good luck,

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I do not know what rules your combat will take but we do a bit of full contact combat and a bit of streamer cutting combat as well.

Our club members have all adopted a very robust platform, (after most others were written off due to combat damage), for our combats so that often a full contact encounter is survived and the planes keep flying. A few have been crashed due to jammed elevons, disconnected batteries and the like. Those downed are normally ready for the next round in a matter of minutes!

Here is a link to the model we use in combat. https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/collaborators-build-1-800-mm-kfm-flying-wing.54085/

Just what works here!

Have fun!


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I participated in my first combat at FFOH18. I asked the same question, what are the rules? I was told.

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I've found a Mini Arrow with a 1400Mah pack to be a great combat plane. Fast, agile and pretty long flight times. I tend to climb out, do a high speed dive at full throttle through the center of everyone, climb out and repeat. It's a cheap & fast build too, so there's low emotional investment. :p

If you use a 3D printed center pod, it'll do a surprising amount of damage to anyone you hit, here's the proof. :)