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Flite Test Open House


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In the Podcast, didn't they say that they are weary about suggesting that people go to the home page because of ALL the information there. That it can be overwhelming. I think they are assuming that their audience is new and has never flown. They don't want to say "Hey, come check out what everyone else is doing." and then have some newbie think "Wow, that's a lot. I don't even know where to begin." Then they give up.

I'm not saying all of that is true, I just think that it's Flite Test's way of thinking.

I am relatively new to the forum and I really wished I started over here sooner. The reason why I didn't is because I didn't know where to start. Even now I just check what's new. Even if I had/have a question I'll just start a new forum and ask it there. Maybe that's all it takes. Is for Flite Test to say "Hey, check out the forum. There are a lot of great people there and you can simply start a new forum and ask any questions. We're sure someone will answer them."

I know that I'll answer someone's question on their Facebook page once in a while. Maybe that's why they are focusing their attention there. Because it's less overwhelming and is a set up that everyone is used to. And there are still people that answer other's questions.


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First how did we get away from the topic..... The open house? Second thing is i see both sides of the arguments about the forum. Yes they guys are busy and haven't done much on here as of late. But you have to agree that the same amount of knowledge the FT crew has and passes on in the videos, we the posters on the forum pass on to others in the forum. So where Josh, Josh, Chad and David might be the video ambassadors there are a few on the forums that are in fact FT ambassadors but in print. I dont know if i explained what im thinking correctly but i hope it comes across they way i want it to


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It's just like you both said and maybe they don't need to show up in the forums because they feel like we are taking care of it to their satisfaction. That's how I see it, and I'm sticking to that! :)


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Yeah I'm an old fart who remembers Bevis and Butthead when they were still setting fires. Way before they "Did America".
I had a great time at the open house today! It was a real pleasure meeting Chad, Josh, and David and being able to thank them personally for everything they've done. Thanks also to everyone behind the scenes at Flite Test, you guys deserve all the success in the world. I also enjoyed showing off my Spitfire. :)
What a great day. My newly built FT Flyer maidened great. Chad even launched it for its first flight.

Was 200% worth the drive to meet not just the FT team but everyone else who came out. I actually flew more today than I had in the last month.










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Awesome guys!! I hope for another one soon too.. I'm just on the north side of Detroit and my son and I wanted to come by but I had to work.. Why does work always have to get in the away of fun... Blahhh ;)
That was a beauty and was talked about all day.
Thanks! I'm very proud of it. It's the second Spitfire I've built. This is when it was almost done:


And here's proof that it flies, though I didn't fly it at the open house for a number of reasons, including those plane-eating poles! And the Spit really needs more space than is available at FTHQ... at least the way I prefer to fly it.



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Stefan and Josh pop in now and then, but as you can imagine, they are quite busy with the day to day work - even though it looks like they are playing around all day ;).

While the other social media channels are a "job" that helps them grow and already is a lot to handle with the small crew they have. This community is a pastime for most of us and I can imagine that most of us wouldn't necessarily want to hang around in here after work when you did nothing else all day ;).

But you are right, sometimes I'd wish they'd post things here too instead of just on Facebook for example. But then, the number of people they can reach there is a lot higher than here.

We are still the original "Flite Test Fans" here though ;).