Flite Test Open House


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Hey guys!

Thanks so much for bringing this up!

The main reason is exactly what BALU said, busy and reach etc, but also one of the reasons we have not done a MASSIVE amount of posting (stuff we do on instagram/FB) on here as well is because sometimes people were weary of having all of that media or "stuff" overloading this forum etc.

That being said, if this is something that others would like to see, I will make sure to post some stuff on here just like i do on Instagram etc! ;)

I hope all is well with everyone and looking forward to seeing a lot of you at FF's this year!



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I wouldn't mind getting some of the "whats happening" information that gets to FB and not here. Stuff you release before it happening that we only get to see or hear about in the forums after the fact.

If you are worried about interfering with normal forum activity post it in a thread like Kwad Share that does not get listed. I am willing to push an extra button or two to check up on whats new with you guys.