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Flyzone Beaver

I just maidened my Flyzone Beaver today. All I can say is Power. This thing climbs like a bat out of hell. My grass is kind of tall. This thing taxied through it and deep leaves like it with out a problem. When I applied power for take off. It rolled for 10-15 feet and clawed into the sky. Once I leveled out all it needed was a couple clicks of trim and flew great. After a couple of laps the wind started picking up so I decided to bring it in. Its next to impossible to land it because all it wants to do is float. She landed longer than I wanted in some deep leaves and blew right through them. What a great plane. I bought the txr version with anylink. With free shipping I payed around $220. Out of the box it came with everything you need but a battery. It even includes the floats. I bought the Parkzone corsair last month. The bnf version is $269. You have to buy the extra servos and y harness to add the flaps. I also added the retracts for $90. After comparing the two planes side by side the beaver is a better bang for the buck all day long. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Foam Addict

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Isn't Flyzone great?
I have had 2 heavily modded sensei, and they were anemic, motor bearings shot. Then I put 600 watts on them Bwahahaha.
No flyzones are awesome, not too expensive, easy to mod, and easy to fly.
Foam Addict.
Ok I have found a weakness with the beaver. If you nose it over you will break the top of the rudder off. Its a very week point in the design.


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I seen this plane knife edge and land on the water with floats at the jr indoor and was very impressed and as you know flitetest is doing a review soon. I have a funcub but have to say this is very comparable
Ok, I have a few complaints.
1. The Tactic anylink module attaches to the back of the transmitter with a really strong type of velcro. When you want to remove it the velcro adhesive lets loose and both pieces either stay with the transmitter or come off with the anylink.

2. The starboard wing likes to come loose after a few landings or aerobatic maneuvers. I don't think it will completely separate in flight because of the flap linkages, wing struts, and carbon fiber wing spars will still hold everything together. It separates by no more than 1/2 of an inch. I really wish they would use good old fashioned screws instead of cheap plastic clips to secure the wings. To remove the wings you need to use a screwdriver to remove the wing struts and flap linkage screws anyways. A couple extra screws instead of clips to hold the wings on would be much better.
I've been flying the beaver with a 3s 2200 battery pack. I do have to play with it to get the hatch on. I normally set the timer for 10 min. Today I decided to bump it up to 12 min. There is still plenty of power left in the pack. I really need to get a watt meter to see how much power is left. I have no doubts that at half throttle I could probably get close to 15 minutes of flight time. She still flies like a dream and probably has close to 2hrs of flight time on her. No crashes or broken props yet. Knock on wood!
While flying the beaver today i noticed it sounded like it was only running on 8 cylinders :). After landing I was checking the plane over and I found the problem. It appears that flyzone has invented the worlds first 8 cylinder radial engine:confused:.

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What was the problem? A noisy bearing?

The Beaver will likely be my next plane so it's nice to read your review. So far, it seems like it really is a good plane.

Any float flying yet? I'm curious if the C.O.G. needs adjusting for the floats.

No the motor is fine. That was a joke because all radial engines have an odd number cylinders and this one was molded with 8. As for float flying, none off the water but plenty off the snow:cool: The cg was spot on, no problems at all!

al p

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That's funny!

What radio are you using? I have a dx6i which should be fine but I don't know anyone using the anylink.
I'm curious how it performs too.

Before I get this plane I have to sell some other, unused, stuff.


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I want the Beaver quite badly. Unfortunately, the community voted on a wing for me, so that's my next build. I suspect the Beaver won't be too far behind, though. :D
I'm actually using the anylink with my DX-7. It flies great with it. I'm probably going to add an AR500 for ease of use though. IamNabil why wait? The beaver does come with a wing! LOL!
I had a major problem with my Beaver, i bought it 2 weeks before the holidays, and waited for a dead wind to for a maiden, took off like a bat outta hell! I went to level out when it turned sharply to the left, the one more sharp right turn which left me not being able to level out. the plane nose-dived towards the ground, worst 5 seconds of my life to watch my new plane spiral, all pre-flight checks were in place. The plane was sadly totaled. the cowling, windsheild, half of the prop, were gone without a trace. what i had left was a fuselage and a broken wing and cracked elevator. still waiting on a reply from Flyzone, we took a pic of the plane, you could clearly see the left aileron was all the way down and it was stuck there. As the right was able to move once plugged in.
I just ordered a Flyzone Beaver today! After seeing this last week, I couldn't resist any longer!! This one might had on the ceiling for a while until I get better with a tail dragger. I have a modified Super Cub to beat on to master my tail dragger skills.

@phillyfreak, I have seen more than one Flyzone plane with loose control rod connections etc. I don't know if you went through it all, but if you didn't, that might explain the aileron problem. I watched one go into the ground because a flap stuck in the down position. The post mortem exam revealed that the bound flap's control rod had come loose and caused it to jam in the down position. On the positive side, you still have all the electronics...:black_eyed:

My Flyzone Beaver came Wednesday. Work has been insane so I didn't get a chance to get it all put together until today. For a foam plane, it has some cool details! Unfortunately, the wind is picking up in SE Idaho. There's potential for gust up to 70 tomorrow, so I don't think that's going to be flyable... For now the Beaver will just have to sit in hangar until the wind dies down.

As far as assembly, it went together really well. No real issues to speak of. I will say, the battery box is really tight! I might have to cut a little off the door so it will go into place more easily. I have some batteries from HeadsUp RC that are really tight, largely because of where the wire comes off the end of the battery. The finish of the foam is nice, and the decals are stuck down quite tightly. If I was going to pick at anything, it would be the mounting of the windscreen. There's a bit of a gap at the top and the bottom, like the edges got stuck down too soon.

Maybe I'll get some favorable conditions next weekend and I can get this plane in the air!


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This reply is only a year and half late, but my Beaver just came this weekend and the two left wing clips broke loose from the crappy plastic mounting plate on the fuselage (glued onto foam) while I was screwing in the wind struts. I did a search to see if anyone had similar issues and saw your post. If your wing was 1/2" from the fuselage, then either your clips weren't attached to the wings or they had pulled loose from the fuselage like mine did. I'm wondering if you ever figured that out and found a way to through-bolt it or something. Otherwise, the only thing holding it together are the joiner tubes and struts. And if the wings pull out from the fuselage the flaps move because the servo is on the fuselage. It's a weak design and I'm sure that I'm not the first one to figure that out. So, who has fixed it and how did you do it? Through-bolts? Better mounting plates? Thx.