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fpv shootout

I had a random idea for a shooting challenge using either the turkey flyer or the bricksler design. both airplanes are very capable of carrying moderate amounts of weight, so why dont we arm and fpv them. you could use either airsoft or paintball guns and the challenge could go one of two ways.

Option 1- strafe run: each pilot has two jobs. the first job would be as the pilot of the aircraft while the other has to run from a point a to a point b. whoever is flying the aircraft has to score as many hits on the runner as possible (runner wearing appropriate safety gear, namely face-mask). then the pilot becomes the runner and the runner becomes the pilot.

option 2- dogfight: this would have two aircraft obviously both fpv'd and both armed. the only significant problem would be protecting the ground crew. you could put up a Lexan shield in front of the cameramen and pilots. or just wear safety glasses for those not wearing the fpv gear.

option 3- a simple target in the field and each pilot gets a certain number of passes to score as many hits on the target or to knock over as many targets as possible

ps. i would love a parts list for an fpv setup. im really interested and would like any help yall can give