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FT ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE group project

Hello I'm FlyingEngineer I've had this idea ever since Flite Test released the Alpha Bravo And charlie (abc for short). The idea is if we have three letters of the phonetic alphabet as different prop and slot jets with interchangeable wings, why not make the rest of the alphabet? Lets not just have the abc, lets have a jet and wing for every letter. I love the jets designed by the stem kids so i designed the next two letters already.i will finish the plans and get them up as soon as possible.

I'm leaving a list of the rest of the letters and i would like anybody who wants to design one to choose a letter. the rules are simple;
1. choose a letter that isn't taken (first come first serve one jet per person unless i decide different later),
2. leave a comment/thread of which one it is and i will mark you for the letter you chose,
3. then design your jet (must be swappable with the original abc and will be named its according letter)
4. post the plans and picture of jet in some way and i will link it too the corresponding letter
5. please try not to steal others design and be creative and crazy with your designs if you want

my recommendation for designing your jet is to take the original plans and modify them, that's how i did it

DELTA- FlyingEngineer

ECHO- FlyingEngineer

FOXTROT- available

GOLF- available

HOTEL- available

INDIA- available

JULIET- available

KILO- available

LIMA- available

MIKE- available

NOVEMBER- available

OSCAR- available

PAPA- available

QUEBEC- available

ROMEO- available

SIERRA- available

TANGO- available

UNIFORM- available

VICTOR- available

WHISKEY- available

X-RAY- available

YANKEE- available

ZULU- available

please post questions if you have any.
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