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FT What Did You Do RC Today : Caution Offtopic At All Times

I just got my wholfwhoop aio fpv camera! Now, a quick question, can I solder on a servo lead on it so I can just plug it straight into my receiver? I only have 2 1s lipos, one of which is a 650mah I use on my duet electronics vehicle, the other is the 150mah that originally came with the duet that probably won’t last long, as it has been used a lot. Only problem is I want to use it with the ground vehicle but I can’t plug a servo into it, so I’ll probably just get a new 1s to use it with.
Flew my ft edge, and built a small ground effect sort of vehicle from old duet electronics. View attachment 120463 View attachment 120464
This thing is so much fun fpv! I just got my aio fpv camera and I need to get a better battery for it before I fly a plane with it, the current battery isn’t any good and it dies after about 5-7 minutes of being on, so I’ve been ripping around the basement with this. Next step will be my scout-stick fpv, should be fun!
I am not actually planning on doing this but just had an idea. Would putting lots of tiny grooves inside the thrust tube help direct the air out of the exhaust? I thought it might do this because the grooves would keep the air going straight towards the exit.
Quick question, i have some higher quality servos and some lower quality servos. I am building a big cargo plane meant to drop cargo, and an EDF trainer. What takes more of a toll on Servos, weight of plane or speed. My question is should i put the Cheaper servos on the EDF or the Cargo plane, what is more likely to break the servo? Thank you! Also for an EDF how big should the tail be if the wing span is 56" and each wing starts out at 10" wide and tapers down to 4" wide? Thanks!
How big and heavy will the cargo plane be?

How fast will the EDF go?

For the EDF on the size of the tail are you asking about the horizontal or vertical stabilizers, or both?
Sorry that was unclear, the cargo plane won't be super heavy, once it is done and i don't know how fast the EDF will be. You can check out the cargo plane here: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/fire-fighting-plane-challenge.56140/
The cargo plane has a 60" wingspan with a 13" chord and the fuselage is 55" long.

As for the EDF i can get the thrust weight ratio later today hopefully.

I was talking about both sorry that was unclear, thanks for the help!!
I'd use the higher quality servos on the cargo plane seeing how big you plan on making it.

A general rule of thumb for tail is the are of the horizontal stab should be at least 25% of you wing area and your vertical stab should be at least 60% the size of your horizontal stabilizer.

Good luck with your builds!!
buhahahaha! :LOL:

was given this last week and everyone who saw me take it thought i was crazy. the word was that everyone who tried to fly one at our club had failed epically. i had been witness to one of those epic failures. my daughter still refers to it as the "twirling thing of death."

anyways, after having built the twin twirl and been successful at getting it to fly, i felt my chances were better than average. maybe i should go buy a lottery ticket?


first attempt at take off i did tip over and break a prop. i was a little worried because i did not bring a spare and it was a weird sized 3 blade. i decided what the heck, dug through another members prop collection and found a 9x4.5 SF and put it on. flew like a dream! :love:

moral of the story....when someone says you can't, show them you can! (y)


me :cool:
Fully finished my se5 today :). I started it back during the 2018 Winter Olympics, tried to make the wing, failed and trashed it. I pulled it back out yesterday and finished it up today. Hoping to do fpv with the camera on a servo in the cockpit like the simple scout release video. I will give an update on how it flies as soon as possible, with winter storms and freezing temps it may be awhile though :(.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Just a usual day at the flying field for me, but I saw something I will remember for a very long time.I have been gathering info on a FT Viggen that one of the club members has been flying and I questioned him over the build any asked if he had suffered any real issues. Of course he said no. He also said that he was flying this morning using a 4S battery setup for his EDF.

Anyway he had three flights where the ESC suffered from overheating and it was cutting out the motor. This did not change his determination to continue to use the 4S setup. Anyway on the third flight the cutting out was more severe and it caused him to land after about 2 minutes. It was then that there was a number of people screaming about there being smoke coming from the Viggen on the other side of the field.

After a couple of minutes the smoke disappeared and it was replaced by flames! The flames were leaping up in the air to a height of around 60cms and there was the telltale black smoke from a foam fire. AFTER taking a selfie with the plane in flames he turned his attention to extinguishing the fire. He resorted to stomping and kicking the fire until it went out. The battery was kicked about 5 metres out of the plane.

The only thing recoverable after the fire is the EDF and motor the rest was sent up in smoke or reduced to a charred pile of residue.

Reminded me why I get so fussy about the proper setup before I try anything!

Just a little local event, (pic will follow when made available).

Have fun!