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FTFC´18 WWII Arado Ar 555-3 designed by Zephyr1


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Awesome work were you WOT during the flight?

careful, paint can be heavy and that's a lot of foam to color :p
I was WOT for takeoff obviously, and during the climb out, but after that no, I was more around 80% throttle for cruising around, and then gliding in.

This thing is great, i want to fly this thing but i´m on the other side of the world .
Nice landing!
Thanks! There are very few folds in the airplane, so if you wanted to shrink it down, it would be very doable.


Toothpick glider kid
I heard you were concerned about weight, try taking the paper off of the foam on the inside of the wing if you haven't already. It will definitely help with the weight aspect.


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Thanks! It was amazing to film, my friend was on the quad with a Runcam Split.

I have decided I need to remove the retracts. I just don’t have enough thrust, and since it’s a flying wing, landing without them should be fine. I’m very sad to see them go, they were so cool...