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'FTFC: FT-Build-Ruary by FoamTest - The Prototypes.


Toothpick glider kid
Okay so most of the work that I have done is on my Discovery plane. It is a new micro design powered off of a 1306 quad motor with a 3in prop.

Here is a pic of V1

V2 is in the background of this one along with the original chuck glider!
V2: Left V2.1 Center Chuck Glider: Right

The thread is here
Discovery thread
The build video is shot and just needs to be edited, the review video is in the works. Any ideas on what to do with this awesome plane for the review video is appreciated.

The second build is a Bloody mustang
The build is finished and I have maidened it, the video is later in this thread. This is one of the great builds that came out of the bloody WWII thread. If you haven't checked that thread out you need to, it's great.

The third one that I have started is a micro motor glider. It is a prototype just like the others, and is of my design, just like the Discovery. I just eyeballed everything in cad so far and I was way off with the tail size, here is a picture of the trimmed down version. Which I still think is too big. I will be able to work more on this on Saturday.

I also plan on making a micro FT Flyer but I am not sure if that will be finished in time.
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
The Mustang Looks Sharp.

If you can, add a photo here of the discovery so people will *have* follow the build thread and see how to make one of their own.

Remember wind mechanics don't scale, so a larger than scale tail might be best.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
If it doesn't immediately torque roll into the dirt, It will scream like a banshee. Have fun, and film it either way. :)
Good Luck


Toothpick glider kid
It's the XL version, don't worry, it was designed specifically for the B and C packs. Although that sounds like fun, maybe a challenge for FFOhio....


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I cut them out and then use clear tape. it blends into the rest of the tape covering
Example (My FoamyDM logo is paper covered and attached with tape):