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I ordered most of my electronics today. Did it as cheap as I could and through banggood. Which I should get them no later than right near the end of the month. I charged them and I'll just pay it back when I do our taxes (which hopefully we'll get something back... After all the tax crap I've been hearing recently).


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Congratulations on the successful flight. And I was wondering how many quads did you have following. and then realized. Oh yeah, video editing.
Thank you for the full sized. I'll be printing.
Tim is brilliant and it makes all the difference to the vids. Nice thing is he loves to chase so all I have to do is show up with a cool plane.
I was pretty new to quads (still a nood lol) when I chased my first plane... It was so much fun, and surprisingly easy to keep it in frame. ^_^
I should probably finish editing the chase video I started working on 4-5 months ago, although my 2.5" quad can't carry a GoPro so it's all crappy DVR footage.
Sea Duck is done... Good riddance. I am NEVER... EVER... covering a plane that complex in colored packing tape again! :mad:
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I can see why people are SO sad when they crash, a LOT of work went into mine... Second one would (of course) go quicker I think.

Maiden(s) "should" happen this weekend...

Going to my happy place now and building a Mustang!

Looks good! ;) I hear ya on packing tape. I did my Storch in colored packing tape once (and I only used 1 color) and since that experience I have decided to no longer do it. I'll do tape trim/stripes or something like that, but NOT a whole plane.

Now, one of the flying wings, I can almost see doing that in colored packing tape so that may be an exception.

FT Seaduck flies great. Did you do counter-rotating props? I did it to mine and it makes takeoff so nice.
Weather hasn't been good for flying here. My first version of the custom trainer is completely busted. I know the design is solid but needs a couple tweaks. I will probably get a mini action cam or something for filming maidens, so by the time that one's rebuilt I'll be able to get video footage. If the wind dies down sometime soon I may test the slender delta. That one is going to be sketchy, and I'm going to want servo extender cables on the rebuild. I may be able to get somebody to film that or try to take a vid with my phone in my pocket.