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FTFC20 Astron 40 designed by jpot1


I know nothing!
Just came across this thread. Great job @jpot1! Everyone loves a plane that doesn't look like it should fly, but flies great anyway. I wish you continued success with the design/build. I'm now watching this thread, so I won't miss any further updates. :)


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That's just darn cool! It honestly doesn't look like it would fly. I love it! Got video of the V2 maiden? I'd love to see it in flight! :D
Not yet but hopefully this weekend. I’m now in the process of using the same basic wing shape but simplified into a kfm2 with a longer fuse. Trying for a Star Wars x-wing. I will keep the vstab but see how much of it I can remove through test flights to make it less noticeable.


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Astron v2 flew great! Unfortunately no video. Will have to do that next time. Just need to polish up plans and I’ll post them.

The x-wing Star Wars prototype, not so good. The torque from the pusher prop wanted to roll it over and it planted in the ground.