Full Scale DeHavilland lands at RC flying field!!

Today I was at a small RC flying field, hanging out and just having a good time in general. The flying field is in a small community in Southern Idaho right next to the local airport where crop dusters fly all summer. Yesterday, there was a beautiful DeHavilland Beaver at the airport. The owner was visiting some family that live in the area. One of the club members was over looking at the plane when the owner came by. He was told about the fly-in at the field today and decided he would come over when we were flying. Not only did he come by, but he LANDED on the grass strip next to the runway! For a 1952 model, the plane was in beautiful shape! It has about 6000 hours on the air frame (if I heard correctly) and was unrestored! It was clear that it had been painted, but other than that, just the normal maintenance for the plane. He did a low downwind pass and checked out the field, followed by a slow upwind pass for an even closer look and then he came around and landed right on the grass strip next to the hard runway!! It was a beautiful site to behold. The sound of the radial engine was incredible!! It's not too often a guy get's to be 50' away from a landing plane, let alone a DeHavilland!!!

Now I want the Flyzone Beaver even more!!!
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WOW!!! What a beautiful airplane! That guy must be a pretty talented pilot. That low speed go-around was impressive. Great video. It reminds of that I want to buy the E-flite Beaver.


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The Beaver is design for short take off and landing, it's a very slow plane so it's very easy to land in 300 feet with a dhc-2 ( Beaver) I do have a little bit over 2000 hours on them. My grand-father use to own a small bush air carrying company, we have at the time a dhc-3 Otter 1000 hp , 2 Beavers and few Cessna all on floats. We bring hunters and fisherman all around in the north of Québec. We do also fire patrol for the government.


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If it's done correctly, you can land a bush plane in a place where you have to take it apart to get it out. My personal best in my Pacer over a theoretical 50ft tree was 150 ft , 100ft in a Schweitzer 2-33. I know people that can beat that with their STOL Cubs.


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With full ground effect a delta can land very slowly.
This is a true scale EDF and its a 'dead stick' landing at that.:eek:
I couldn't guarantee to do it every time though! ;)