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FunJet Clone


Expert Crash-Lander
I recently received a Multiplex Fun-jet that a Co-worker had just laying around! I instantly fell in love with the plane's smooth flight at extremely high speed. Unfortunately the Fun-jet is no longer with us :(. Lets just say there's a pile of foam bits out at my flying field. Anyways I was able to get the motor, ESC, and servos out of the crumbled frame. I think it would be so cool if FT could make their own version of the Fun-jet just like they modified the Bloody Wonder! That way I could reuse my gear in a similar plane. Also, If anyone knows of a fast flying pusher jet that I could throw my motor in please tell. The hobbyking radjet looks very similar but flies a bit too light for my taste.
I love everything FT but if fast pushers are something you are looking for and interested in a scratchbuild you need to check out rcFoamFighters. Several great scratchbuilts to choose from. I have personally made two of them. The Aurora and BOP, not all the plans are free but if i remember for $5 bucks you can print off as many copies of the plans as you wish. My Aurora was a 100+, the BOP was fast but only topped out at around 80. of course to be fair i had vastly different setups on each plane.


if looking for a kit from vendor to put your existing equip in the f-27q Stryker is supremely awesome....tad bit pricey but handles very well at all speeds.
Pushy Cats are awesome too, think HK has a version. Several different vendors for the "Cat". not to mention i think you can still by a funjet from somewhere other than HK.....options escape me right now.
almost forgot the SkyFun. sorry man, i just love fast pushies. i have not flown a Skyfun but seems like a reasonable option. think a kit version is in the $40-50 range