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FXT Flite Test Edition - FPV Goggles

Hi everybody!
This is my first post. I have found a lot of answers and great information on this forum, thanks to all who contribute!
I bought the FXT Flite Test Edition - FPV Goggles from the FT store. I was really looking forward to using them since they are a huge upgrade compared to my Hobby King DIY FPV goggles. The only problem is that when I put them on my face, the view is very blurry until I pull the goggles about an inch away from my face. My reading glasses would not fit inside the goggles. There was only one fresnel lens included in the box, which was installed in the goggles. I assumed my extra fresnel lens was missing and emailed the FT Team about it and they replied that there are no extra lenses in the box and they would be happy to let me return the goggles. (Excellent customer service is one reason I love the FT Team!) Well, for the $, I think these would be great goggles and I would love to figure out a way to make these work for me. I am FPV flying my Gremlin and Inductrix fpv + and having a BLAST!
Any suggestions would be appreciated. :D

Liam B

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While this might make them look weird, you could put a bunch of foam on the front to push it back, OR you could move the screen back (possibly with some sort of 3d printed divider).


Got Lobstah?
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Hi Dave,
Wow, that sounds like a bummer of a situation. I hate having to mod new things to make them work but if that is the road you prefer then you'll certainly find help here. Personally I like both of Elev8's ideas though I haven't seen the goggles themselves. What are your thoughts about either of those ideas?

Would just the lenses from reading glasses fit? If so could a lense adapter be made with a 3D printer that would fit some lenses to the goggles making them right for you?

By the way, how long have you been in the hobby? Do you fly with others?

Welcome to the forum.

Liam B

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Would just the lenses from reading glasses fit? If so could a lense adapter be made with a 3D printer that would fit some lenses to the goggles...
Didn’t think of that, that could definitely work as well. Maybe use something similar to FatShark’s design as far as slot in corrective lenses?
Elev8 RC and JimCR120, thanks for your responses. Adding foam to the front and/or moving the screen back sounds like it might work if I could get everything aligned properly. The reading glasses lens idea sounded interesting too. I don't have a 3D printer to make the adapter, but I love that idea. I looked at the goggles again to see how these ideas might work and noticed some extra notches inside the goggles. These notches look just like the notches that hold the existing fresnel lens in place. I'm wondering if I could move the fresnel lens to these other notches to get the image to focus for me? These other notches are closer to where my eyes are. I'll check this out today after work.
Jim, to answer your question about my hobby experience, I started flying micro heli's and fixed wing RC aircraft in 2011. I joined my local AMA affiliated club, The Ventura County Comets, and they taught me how to fly. I love the camaraderie of being with the guys and have made many new friends. In 2014, I bought the Electrohub kit from the FT Store and in 2017, I bought two Gremlins. I also attended Flitefest West in 2017 and had a blast! I am definitely looking forward to attending as many Flitefest's as I can in the future. Also, I volunteered for Flite Test at the AMA Expo in California with their make-n-take Sparrows.
Thanks again for your suggestions,


Maneuvering With Purpose
They make frames for your eyeglass lenses that then attach to the inside of a scuba mask. I have used this setup while diving. You may be able to adapt it or a similar setup for your use. Pretty much the same thing as Jim said.
Hi guys,
I checked out the goggles again and decided to return them to Flite Test. I think it would be a pain to convert the goggles so I can use them. I think the best route for me to take is to do some research and find out which are the best goggles for me.
Thanks to all who contributed to my questions, you all are very much appreciated!
Take care, Dave