Getting started with Swappables, having trouble with part selection...


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Shop in the hobbyking US Warehouses. You probably wont be able to get the Orange Transmitter, but the shipping would be WAY less. and will come within a few days. and for the $60 you will save on shipping you are almost to a used Spektrum Dx6i.


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Added the connectors! Just wondering, the batteries are available with other ones as well... is one more of a "Standard"?

Also, can I get a recommendation on this radio?

Thanks for everything! I'm sure glad I didn't stick with hobbyking.


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As far as battery connectors goes, when they are 1s-2s, you will more than likely see a JST (small, red, two-pin). 3s and up you will either see XT60 (most common stock from what I've seen) or Deans. As far as between the two, it's really just personal preference. I like XT60, mainly because I buy Turnigy batteries and that's what they come with.

On Horizon planes, you will see EC3, which is common on basically only their planes.


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I personally would avoid the flysky radios. They are super tempting because of the features for the dollar, but just yesterday a friend of mine was flying his s torch and had a complete loss of signal with his fs-t6. Another friend has the th 9x, and he also has suffered signal loss. The radio is the one spot I wouldn't skimp if you are serious about the hobby. I have a tactic ttx 650 which is a good compromise. The receivers aren't too expensive ($38) for a pair. The grauppner radios look nice, but the receivers are a little more pricy. Or you can always go the spektrum route which the flitetest guys seem to swear buy. That's just my two cents, invest in a decent radio and you will never have to upgrade, or get that sick feeling when you bang on the sticks and nothing happens.