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Goldberg Eagle 2 Redemption Build

25 years ago I built a Goldberg Eagle 2 as my very first plane. I had never flown before and figured how hard could it be. As expected the flight lasted 6 seconds and the plane did not survive. My first child was born a few months later so the remains of the plane were put in a box and forgotten.
I got the flying bug again after watching the FliteTest team put a Little Tikes in the air. I watched all of their training videos and started again with the FT Cub. I have been flying for about a year and half now but I can't shake the failure of that first flight. So I found the same kit and I'm on my way to redemption.
The servos still work perfectly so I am going to try to reuse them. The motor still turns but this build is going to be electric.



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Beware, some old servos have a different wire arrangement, the positive wire on the outside pin. All modern servos have the positive wire in the middle.
Over the long weekend I was able to make a lot of progress. Wings and control surfaces complete and the Fuselage is aligned and ready for glue. I forgot how quickly this kit goes together. After building the GLH-250 I really have come to dislike die cut parts. Those laser cut parts sure do spoil you. I may have to change my plans for the next build because I really would prefer a laser cut kit.


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The progress looks great! :D

I know what you mean about how a good laser cut kit really makes those die-crunched kits look like a lot more work. Having parts that actually fit is a real nice feature! :D