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Golden Age air races at Flitefest Ohio 2019?


Master member
Sounds like the Wife and I are going to have head back to the Midwest!!! (y)(y)
Flite Fest sounds like a BLAST anyway, that's just another reason.

Now, don't expect me to compete!! In the RC Flight game... I'll only be a fledgling by that time! But it sure sounds like a great time!
I've been putting together this 1930s style air racer and I thought it'd be fun to see others try this out as well at Flitefest Ohio 2019. We could do a giant air race like in years past. Some some specs would be between like a 45" and 50" wingspan 10"- 12" prop, 3s-4s. Or something like that View attachment 118568
(Dx6 for scale)
OK, so I did a search first but came up empty......When exactly is FF Ohio. Will be traveling from Oklahoma so want to schedule vacation time and maybe bring the grandkids!


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FT haven't announced FF dates yet. The 2018 events were announced at the end of Jan 2018 so it may be a couple of months before we have the specifics.