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GoPro Hero 2 Freezing in flight

Hey everyone, so the other day when I was FPVing and using my Hero 2 as the flight recorder and FPV camera I experienced my camera freezing in flight because of the recent firmware updates! Something that surprised me was that the Hero 2 continued to put out on the live video feed. I actually found this out after the flight when I went to stop recording that the camera froze.

So if your worried about using your GoPro as the FPV camera because it might freeze in relation to the firmware updates, Don't worry about it as much. I would still be a little on edge about it, but if you need to FPV and only have your GoPro go for it!

Hopefully GoPro can fix this problem soon because (for me at least) it does not just freeze the camera but also deletes the videos that are on the SD card.

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You are lucky maxwell, there are reports from other FPV flyers who had less luck with the cold weather when the used the gopro as their FPV cam. See this as a warning, the fact that this time and maybe the next 3 times the gopro does not stop the live feed does not mean that the 4th time gopro shuts it self us you are going to have live video feed. Why risk a 300$ gopro and an 100$ dollar plane for just 20 dollars?!?! Almost all FPV manufacturers say that it's much safer to use a ccd camera as your FPV cam. It's your choice but it's an accident waiting to happend ;)

In Holland the winters are cold to so we put the gopro in the case when we are at home so it's warm inside, this helps allot! (Make sure that you lock it) Also because you are using your gopro as your FPV cam you can't use the case as an isolator because you don't use it or you have drilled a hole in it.
sorry, I forgot to mention that this is related with the recent firmware updates for the GoPro cameras. The weather was like +7C when I was flying and this happened.

Had nothing to do with it temperature :p
When it's 7 C on the ground it could be freezing where your plane is. Also you got lucky this time but you never know if next time you will lose your FPV signal..