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Hardtop Spitfire modification


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I recently finished building the FT Spitfire but when it came to fitting the swappable power pod I found that the sides of the pod became stuck on the spray adhesive (on the inside of the fuselage) I had used to temporarily attach the plans to the foam board for cutting. I almost destroyed the front of the Spitfire getting it back out. Clearly, this was not going to allow for simple battery changes, so I did a few simple mods to convert the Spitfire to one with a fixed motor and a fixed accessible electronics/battery bay.

First, I removed the poster board from the front half of the plane, then cut an access hole in the top of the fuselage. I knocked up replacement curved sections made of foam board, with one section hinged to form a lid for the electronics bay, secured by magnets. I also built and attached a new firewall for the motor, with a 5 cm x 5 cm face. Finally, I made a simple canopy from foam board offcuts. The whole lot was done by eye, with no plans other than a couple of quick sketches on a scrap of paper to visualize the parts. I might yet replace the rear turtledeck with another curved section of foam board. I'm running a 1400 kv motor, a 40 amp ESC and a 3S 2200mah battery so the bit of extra weight shouldn't be a problem.

My "Hardtop Spitfire" turned out pretty well, as per the accompanying photos. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to maiden her yet due to heavy rain courtesy of a cyclone in the north of the state!

Cheers from Australia

The new firewall ready for fitting

Right front quarter view

Left front quarter view

Left rear quarter view

The "hardtop" hatch for the electronics/battery bay
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Looks great! I did something similar with my spit and I want to share my experience. If you remove the power pod you'll need to beef the fuse more. Without the added 'boxed' strength from the pod the spit nose will split like a banana on even light crashes/hard landings.