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  1. B

    New to this: Trying to Install Powerpack C motor to swappable powerpod

    Hello everyone. I'm new here, and probably chose the wrong airplane to start with. I got the FT Mustang Speed build with a power pack C. Radial motor. I have zero idea how to install it the motor to the firewall, and am unable to find a video or instructions. I see there's a cross shaped...
  2. kimballgoss

    Selling - Aluminum Power Pods and firewall (custom made)

    Flite Test Aluminum Power Pods and Firewall (custom made) Did a test run seeing if I could make my own aluminum flite test parts at the metal fab shop I work at, I made a few but it's been a few years now so I don't need them anymore. There's 4 pods and 1 firewall. They are all made from...
  3. Spanky_Gazpacho

    Fiberglass Firewall

    Trying my hand at building a big slow foam board plane. 5ft wingspan and about 3ft long w/ a weird hybrid split v tail section that I made up. I've got the majority of the air frame built and I'm waiting on the motor and ESC to show up. I got to the part of construction where I needed to worry...
  4. DarkRainbow2

    Help! Power Pack B motor mounting

    Hey everyone, I'm currently trying to finish up my FT-22 (my first scratch build ever) and I've encountered problems with my Power Pack B that arrived yesterday. I have the ULTRA 2812 1200kv Motor which came with the power pack, but I have no screws to mount it to the firewall with. There were...
  5. S

    Firewall Dimensions - FT Cruiser Power Pod

    Hi, I'm preparing to build my first plane. I have chosen the FT Cruiser and have searched the forum but can't seem to find the dimensions for the firewall. I can start to build the Power Pods which will allow me to determine the width, but what is the height? In the video it looks like it...
  6. E

    FT Firewalls and Larger Motor Mounts

    Got a new NTM 35-36 motor and the X-mount for it. Of course it's a little big for the standard FT firewall. Three mounting bolts can be squeezed onto it, but not four. Here are my ideas: 1: Make a slightly bigger firewall/powerpod 2: Put three bolts in it and use some gorilla glue...
  7. D

    FT-22 Maiden Flight Disaster & Firewall Question

    So my son and I have been cutting our teeth on a Hobby Zone champ and after about a dozen rebuilds we were feeling incredibly confident so we decided to upgrade. Enter the FT-22: Okay, it was a little more than we bargained for! It's a bit of a rocket and I don't think my brain works fast...
  8. P


    Hey y'all. I'm new to the hobby, and love FT Ive had the Simple Soarer but I wanted to move onto something better. So I ordered a Versa Wing and I wanted the pusher style with the blunt nose. My question though is, what do i mount my motor onto the pusher firewall with? i have a turnigy d2826/10...
  9. C

    Wanted: 1 Powerpod & Firewall

    Hey guys, I would like a power pod with the firewall, just one, so if any of you have an extra power pod after buying a few kits, just reply to this thread. Will pay shipping. Thank you very much! ~Sean
  10. ktmrocks

    How long does it take to get an order from Flite Test? Bad Customer Service?

    How long does it normally take to get an order from Flite Test? I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I placed an order for some firewalls and control horns on Monday. It seems that either I entered my email address wrong or FT recorded it wrong in their records. Anyway, I never got a...
  11. J

    Hardtop Spitfire modification

    I recently finished building the FT Spitfire but when it came to fitting the swappable power pod I found that the sides of the pod became stuck on the spray adhesive (on the inside of the fuselage) I had used to temporarily attach the plans to the foam board for cutting. I almost destroyed the...
  12. L

    New Cheap Versitile Scratch Built Motor Mount/Firewall

    I am three weeks into this scratch building disease and I came up with a cheap yet effective and versatile idea for a motor mount. Go to you local home improvement store's electrical sections and look at the single gang new work boxes. Make sure to look at the HEAVY DUTY ones... can you see the...