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Hate when this happens


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Picked up a new FPV camera for MRM 250 quad Foxeer Preditor Minnie, just did not like the one on it to much Sun flare and bad in low light. Had to take the upper and lower plates apart to get it installed, all wired put it back together, plugged in the battery and Viola it worked great. Went to adjust the angle and guess what the torx screw heads were to high to let the camera tilt down. UGGGHHH so take it back apart and dug for a half hour to find screws that would work, had to cut them down as the ones I found were too long. In the end it was a win much better camera then the one I had on it.


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Kinda why I stick with the runcam mini and micro series. They have it dialed in on those.

From mounting holes, to adapter mounts, to the software to set them up so you can see in all lighy conditions with out fiddling once its set.

Camera systems are a learning curve / process. I spent a good amount of time when I built my gremlin trying to find a solution. Finally gave up as there is far to much junk out there and went with what I know. Seeing clearly is more important then shaving grams.


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This was one of the reasons I wanted to try the Foxeer Preditor 2 it`s low light capabilities. It does have a bit of red flare directly into the Sun but my old camera I would loose everything the ground included. The red flare annoys some people but never really bothers me.

This is the Micro which has the worst issue compared to the a Preditor non micro