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Heli rx/tx for scratch build plane


Junior Member
A few years back I purchased a Dynam E-razor as an RTF so it came with a pre-bound radio system. The heil's esc/motor started smoking (not sure which) and it fell out of the air. the crash bent the swash plate system, puffed the lipo, stripped two servos, and the drive gears. I was able to salvage two servos and the reciever. I was wondering if i could use the reciever in a plane that i plan on scratch building soon?
Unless there re-programmable I doubt it, for example to fly my 450 heli,
the controller is set to 120deg swashplate which would give disastrous
results for a fixedwing.
You'll have to adjust the throws and stuff but it may work depending on the TX. I used a rx/tx out of a Blade SR for awhile in a speedster. Never had a problem.