Help me get started with fpv. For CHEAP!


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Hi guys, im new to fpv as i have never done it but not to FT. I need your help! I want to buy a small drone. Preferably one that is ready to go outa the box. Now keep in mind ive never flown drones before, only a few fixed wings. Now, i am seeing all these drones for sale ranging in price from $50-$100 that claim fpv. And i know it sends its video signal to your phone via wifi or bluetooth or whatever. I think its wifi. Anyway, are there goggles on the market that i can use instead of my phone? I mean, cool i see the alure of having the picture on a screen you hold but i want goggles but dont want to spend an arm and leg to get it. They may be ugly but i can get a fpv headset for like $30. Is there a way to get that video wifi signal into those headsets? Or is there a product that will use my phone as the monitor in those headsets?
Any help would be much apreciated!!

PS- id love to keep the price of the drone itself under $70.


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Take your pick FPV < $150.

There are two varieties of FPV transmission, 5.8Ghz analog video and Wifi.

5.8Ghz analog video feed will give you lower "lag" (aka latency). This works with goggles like the new Quanam Cyclops and have a better flying experience.

Wifi means the video is digitized and broadcast via Wifi (probably also in the 5.8GHz band) and will have more lag due to all the extra processing involved. Wifi FPV will probably work directly with a smart phone app. I suspect most of the products shown are actually Wifi.

I think the Hubsan H107D-FPV-X4 is analog video and reviews mention using FPV googles with it...You will need to research further.

I haven't used any of them so just pointing things out.


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the NANO QX 2 FPV micro quad
the NANO QX is recommended by Flitetest and is a fun/ durable micro quad and is indoor flyer sized

I am NOT "plugging" but have the NON FPV QX and enjoy it + it was my beginner Quad


the QX sitting on a DEAD iPHONE 4 and a 5inch PROP

a QX FPV 11 BATTS charger fatshark teleporter goggles and transmitter

ready to fly for $300

a way cheaper option
I have NOT used them but hubsan appears to be OK brand wise and this has 5.8 GHz VTx and would be compatible with goggles down the road