Help with servo tilt please!!!


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I have a wizard x220 betaflight 3.1.1 and have activated servo_tilt but inorder for that to work I need to remap my output pins in the cli using "resource" but when I type in "resource" it just lists the resources and if I type a command for example: "resource MOTOR 5 none" or "resource SERVO 1 B09" it does the same thing typing "resource (anycharacters)" just lists the resources. I have motor 1 on the first pin, motor 2 on the second pin, motor 3 on the third pin, motor 4 on the 4th pin, and the servo on the sixth pin but I can't tell my flight controller it's a servo :/ please help! (flight controller Naze32 rev6)


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In beta flight there is a show advanced options button. That will open up a bunch more tabs on the left side. One is specifically for setting up servos. You should be able to do what you want from that tab.