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HK RX binding issue.


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I bought a pair of HK TX and RX in a package deal and managed to get the two hooked up and flying for a time. When I burned out an ESC I had to do some work and the RXs became unbound. Try though I might I can not get them bound back together. One the red light flashes very fast but never holds steady and the other one doesnt even light up. Did my RXs get fried? Is there an email for me to talk to HK about this? I tried to find a way to contact them but it is so hard to get a straight answer from them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is the package deal I got.


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When I burned out an ESC I had to do some work and the RXs became unbound
what do you mean by "work" also, if one of the lights is out that is usually a good sign that the RX is burnt out. Was there a paper that came with the package, I am going to assume you looked at that if there was one. Other than that a quick flashing light is usually, not always (don't know about yours) the ready to bind stage.


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Also, you speak of RXs. Do you mean Tx and Rx? If so, which one is flashing and which one doesn't light at all? Are you connecting the Rx to a different ESC or do you have a separate power source for binding and testing?

Like this...



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I just connect the battery to the ESC and the ESC to the RX. Theres two RXs in question here, the one that looks like its burnt out since the light wont come on and the one that is apparently stuck in the "ready to bind" stage. By work I simply mean I had to replace the ESC and solder new connections. Nothing brain surgery level.
I would start with the basics and take it step by step. First thing - is your battery sufficiently charged and not damaged from your previous issues?


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The batteries are fully charged and not damaged. I think I will end up taking the RXs into a hobby store and see if they can help me. Theres got to be something obvious that Im missing.