How well do you think this would fly?

Hi all!

I recently had an accident with my baby blender and broke both wing struts. (Even though I reinforced the crap out of them. So I decided to experiment a bit. I cut the top wing in half and fixed each half to either side of the lower wing. If the CG is right, how do you think it will fly? I'd imagine pitch authority may be an issue. And there is a smidge of dihedral on each wing addition as well. Thanks!


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Definitely worth a shot. I agree you'll probably have some pitch issues. One way to combat pitch issues like what you might experience is to make it a lot more nose heavy then it really needs to be. I find this helps take any weird wobble with pitch issues.

Good luck!
It flew beautifully!! Slight wind today though. It didn't penetrate very well, even with a 9x6 prop on my 1150kv motor. But as soon as I got a good tail wind, it was soaring!! I got the CG spot on. Had to add a few weights (half dollar coins inside the aft fuselage) and the motor was pretty warm when I landed. But all in all, it was a successful flight! Can't believe my idea actually worked! Pitch authority was spot on too. :)
I took it for a second flight just now. Yaw seemed ok, but I don't really utilize rudder as much as I probably should. I'm mostly a bank and yank flier. Noticed some wing flex on a few high G turns. Any recommendations for exterior reinforcement?


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Virtually anyone can learn to fly—a lot depends on what kind of flying you want to do. If you keep it simple, and fly a basic airplane for your own enjoyment