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I made a Mini Spitfire (in depron)

I thought I would try to see if the FT Spitfire plans translated to 6mm depron and scaled down to fit the mini power pod and a 2S battery.
Here is the result (next to the regular size FT Mustang):
Mustang and Mini Spitfire.jpg

It has a 2204 2300kv motor with a 5x4.5x3 prop (although I found it flies better with a 5x4 2-blade prop).
2S 1500mAh LiPo (80 grams).
4 x 5g servos.
Total weight (incl. battery): 260 grams

Here is the test (maiden) flight:

(It was quite tail-heavy)

If anyone is interested, I can post the pdf plans (note: the plans fit 6mm depron only - not foam board)
I swapped the 2204 motor for a 1806 2280kv and made a shorter (3D printed) power-pod (so the battery could go further forward) and the plane flies much better.
I used a 5x4 (2-blade) prop.
That looks awesome.
I see from your other youtube videos that you are also in UK.
Foamboard is heavy here so i use depron too.
I am interested in having the plans.