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Solved I need help setting up my FT Dart!

Actually, when I was researching replacement ESC's with my Dad, it turned out that I hadn't recalibrated them correctly! I followed the instructions on Emax's website and the motors worked! I still have to re-solder the ESC's to the motors, re-attach the props and glue on the bottom of the plane, but then I think I will finally be able to get my plane in the air!:D
After this, however, I may still need help setting up differential thrust mixes on my Tx.:confused:
Anyways, Thank you, everyone, for helping me with this problem, I will be sure to post pics of my plane it the air!
Sure! The link is HERE, and the instructions for calibration and programming of the ESC with the transmitter is under section G. This manual is only for ESCs with the BLHeli firmware, but it worked for mine.:)
Hello... I haven't been very active on the forums lately, but I have "flown" (more like crashed repeatedly) my plane a lot! On the last crash, I broke a servo, so I am in the middle of painting/fixing it. When I get it flying again I will be sure to post pics and maybe videos. :D