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Is this a right model for the FT viggen?

I do think that's way overpowered for a Viggen. its a 1900W edf running on a huge 6S battery..

I used this one on my Viggen

it only needs a 40amp esc and cost something like $17 and runs on 3S batteryies we all have.. its got loads of power for the Viggen.. more than 1:1..

and for half the price of the one you mentioned at only $35 for a 90mm the plans only allow a 64mm or a 70mm template, but you make a fuse a little bigger to fit the 90mm
it gives you 2.8kg for thrust on a 800g plane? little nuts for a single sheet foam wing.


I want to get an EDF for the ft viggen, however I want to make sure that this is the right edf.


Does it have too high of a thrust? Will the frame hold up?
This is a pretty beefy motor for the Viggen. It could work but you'd need to reinforce the wing and probably make the canards neutral as you'll be hitting speeds of 100+. Is that kind of performance you are looking for?