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Isolation... what are you doing?

So, I received my 2 x 50mm QX motor EDF's and I'm locked up for 14 days. I figure I may as well design a light fast easy to build F15. No fold over rudder or elevators but speed wing is a must. Let see if I can get it right.. And give a great model for all to build.
Have fun in your isolation boths...
PS: my family is fine, just hiding out as we all should at this time..


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I got plans printed yesterday for the Simple Scout, so I'll start making up templates and hopefully start building it in a week or so.
I have been showing my progress over on “The Great 2020 Quarantine Build-Off” thread. My FT Simple Scout V-Tail Edition by jpot1 is ready for V-tail servo installation, a firewall, and a trip to Dollar Tree for some poster board. Might have to wait for the travel ban to be over where I live to get the final items, we shall see.

8B1EA8FE-2A7D-4A57-9B11-A2183C39946E.jpeg 1074294A-80E6-437D-8A52-21AB158AEF9B.jpeg