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Just starting my first KRAKEN!!!!!!

Epic fly guy

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I printed of the plans for the Kraken past week and I just decided to pull them out to day and see what I could do in a half hour and this is what I got. If anyone has built one yet and has any tips that aren't in the video please share. image.jpg


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I cut my third one out tonight and will assemble tomorrow. Keep the cutout drawings in good shape for the next one. This time I am sheeting thin wood ply to make a battery compartment with a simple door and a latch to keep it closed.

Use heavy duty servo extensions especially between RX and ESCs. I mount my RX in the rear of the #1 pod. So far it has survived three crashes. I can send you the program file with diff thrust if you have a spektrum. You really don't need it, but it is fun practicing to fly with one engine.

If you run LEDs around the spar a 500mah 3cell 11v will last 30 min. That's for white, not sure if color makes a difference in power consumption.

Keep posting pics!