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Looking for suggestions on what multirotor

I made my first FPV flight yesterday with the Mickeys FPV V3 that was reviewed by flitetest. It flies great but since i didn't have an OSD I only stayed withing 300 feet but for me that was a good enough first try, I did not want to press my luch and have my first flight end up with a lost plane. Once I get more comfortable with FPV I really want to built a multi rotor so I can fly out of more places and have more control. I like the look and idea of Davids tri-copter frame that folds up but im new to multirotors so I am hoping someone can please take a few minutes and answer what may be a few stupid questions.

I like to build, I have built almost every plane flitetest has released so I really do not want to buy a ready to fly quad, I want to learn how they work.

I plan to fly with the following:

frsky 9 channel reciever with rssi and failsafe ( using turnigy 9x with er9x installed)

ardupiloot 2.6 mega, with ublox gps (with pcb shield), minim osd, and telemetry setup (all purchased from
readytoflyquads, still waiting for it to come in)

400 mw boscam 5.8ghz tx with spironet antenna

Sony 600tvl superhad camera with plastic housing.

2200 mah 3 cell gens ace battery.

Is the tricopter the way to go or should I think about building a quadcopter? I like to portablity and less parts cost of the tricopter but I don't know if all the items above are going to weigh too much once I add the frame esc and motor.

Do you think the Blue Wonder motors will be powerful enough? What props should I be looking at?

If someone could please give me a list of supplies they suggest including Motor, Esc etc I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance, I'm really excited to get this thing built and ready to go since the warmer weather is coming.


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Going with David's recommended parts for his Tri should be able to lift your setup with no issues. Remember, he built it to run FPV for aerial shooting and to be nimble doing it. Have you checked out his build on his site? He has a full detailed post here. He has also upgraded to an even better (but more expensive version) here.


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I love tricopters and how they fly, but to get into flying multirotors I would recommend a small one (ex. Blade Nano QX) to learn, then go towards a tricopter because of the flight characteristics being more "swoopy" according to David. If you are going to go towards aerial video, it depends on what type of video you are looking for. I still like the tricopter feel, but if you go with a gimbal that type of video doesn't matter the flight characteristics since it's all leveled out. Just my .02 though
Thanks for the info, I've flown the RTF quads before and seem to be ok with them, I plan to build the tricopter and master flying it before I add the FPV gear though. Thanks for the info!
I like My quads, i don't like triopters. the yaw mechanism is just to fragile for me. a properly tuned and balanced quad will yaw just fine.

just my $0.02
Tricopters are the best, in my opinion. However, if this is your first multirotor, a H-quad is SUPER easy to build and set up. I would go with that, personally.