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Receiver for SPEKTRUM DX6i transmitter


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I'm just starting the hobby, though I've been looking over the fence at it for years. Today I ordered the 3-pack starter planes to train on, and the Bloody Baron. And for electronics, I bought the "B Series" power kit. I was watching Josh B. explain hooking up electronics. He started with binding the receiver, and I realized I forgot to order a receiver. I have a Spektrum DX6i transmitter. It says "6 Channel 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Technology." DSM2.

What receiver do I need? I'm going to do fixed wing flight and not helicopters or drones. I don't know if the receivers on FT site are compatible with my transmitter. Can anyone advise on that?
Thanks for any advice.
And is it just me, or does FT do the best job of anyone anywhere in making this hobby available and understandable? Bless these guys for the info, accessibility, and the FUN. May their tribe increase!


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The AR400 isn't compatible? I know for a fact that although it appears the same, it has a much worse range than the AR610, but it works...


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I use a Spektrum DX6i. I have been using these receivers. They work well for me. I have 5 or so.


I don't fly really expensive or fast planes though. Some people get a little cautious using cheap receivers with their valuable planes. I don't mind smashing mine to bits but I do not recall and issues with this receiver that caused a crash. Mostly, I was doing something that the plane is not supposed to be doing. I call that "flying"...others call it "randomly flailing about".

I have used Spectrum and OrangeRX as well and both worked OK too.

Have fun "flying"


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The only lemon receiver I have is THIS one. If the others are anything like it, I wouldn't buy anything but Lemon again. I've never gotten a drop out, and I guess that's because it runs DSMX, has diversity, and it's the full-range kind.

What's this term really mean? The AR610 is "coated", and in my experience the AR400 isn't "full range (I mean range literally)"... Does that mean the AR610 IS full range? I wish someone would figure out what terms Spektrum, Lemon, and Hobbyking all use, and if they mean the same thing... It's troublesome trying to buy a receiver and looking at all the specs but still not knowing how sensitive, or just generally "good" it is.


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I've been subscribed to the RCG Lemon Rx thread for more than a couple years now and have read good things about them. I recently purchased 2 of the newer stabilization with diversity antenna Lemon receivers to replace Spektrum AS3X receivers in an Eflite Cub 450 and Eflite Slick 3D. Programming the Spectrum AS3X receivers can be an nightmare. The only app that seems to work most of the time is the PC app so that doesn't work for me at the field. I'm looking forward to testing the Lemon Rx receivers.