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Master Series Bf-109 Build

"Yeah" there are updates? Care to share what they are? ;):p
Sorry guys.. I took a brief hiatus for holiday break. There was lots of travelling and I didn't get to log my progress. When I put together the nose, it was really tough to line up the half-skins. They fit well, but you have to make everything else perfectly if you want to get a good fit. I found that glueing the first two skins together, and then adding the formers to the skins works best. You would then attach the assembly to the power pod, like in the corsair build.

Since I have heaps of time, I'm going to redesign most of the plane to make it easier to build. I also want to hone my skills before taking on a Bf-110. If I mess this one up, it's not a big deal since FT will be coming out with one soon. I just want to make sure that I have the skills to make a great Bf-110.

Another reason why I want to go for a redesign is that I just want to use the. new build techniques that John Overstreet is coming out with. If you're eager to build it, I will continue to work on the plans I already have, just be aware that a more refined version will be coming out soon.
Take you time, we can wait. (Somewhat :D)
Yep.. But I really can't work on my original prototype in real life. Just cad. I'm a bit jammed up because of Covid, and were going to now houses and hotels every four days while we rent our actual house. That's why I'm doing it in 3d cad, since the parts designed in 2d needed to actually be fabricated to get the correct fit.

I expect to start the next prototype when I download Fusion and have time on the road to work on it, since I'm on vacation right now.
I am a new builder and I am designing my own plane
I saw your site and the part of using cad Is incomplete can you complete that as it is of greate help as I don't know how to give a skin to fuselage
I'm still working on it. Progress has been halted because of exams and family stuff, but today is the last day and I should be able to get back to it soon!