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Mega B-17 build

Hey ya'll,
Currently planning and building something a bit different.
I'm turning my B-17 into a multi person crewed fpv bomber.
3x rx's, 3x vtx's, 5x cameras, 3x camera switchers, 15x servos, 4x motors, 4x esc's, 1x 5v bec and a partridge in a pear tree.

Here's how it'll work.
The "gunner" will have 360° pan and 90° tilt on the top and ball turrets, a camera in each. He'll be able to switch camera feed and control between the two.

The "bombardier" will have an idle camera position in the nose and another downward facing camera in the belly. He'll also control the bomb bay doors and the dropping of 6 bombs.

The "pilot" controls the plane. Will have a cockpit view and also one of the other camera positions (not sure which one yet). There'll be a flight controller on board to hold altitude and speed for bombing runs.

Vtx frequencies are
Pilot 5945 rhcp
Gunner 5820 lhcp
Bombardier 5695 rhcp
All 600mw

I have got as far as getting the ball turret working as it should and have made up the bomb-bay and cut the hole for it.
It took a long while for all the bits to arrive down here in New Zealand but everything is here now.

Moving house in a couple weeks so everything has been packed up for now.

If there is any interest in following this I'll keep posting with updates, otherwise you will be able to see the finished product
on my youtube channel MUD-DART RC...........when I finally get er done.


Well-known member
I think you should post about it, as I am sure we'll benefit from it. I am personally watching your progress on this and wish you the best of luck with such a big project :).