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Micro/Mini one sheet quarantine build off


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I already run 30% expo and it works, but I'll be dialing back my low dual rate a few more notches, which should do it.
I'm still in this discussion because like I said one of these days I'll build that F-5 with twin props behind the wings. What I'm hearing is that the blown surfaces benefit low speed maneuverability but are far too much for high speed flight. Makes sense. Dual rates can be a fix (makes sense) but for me, I don't like the idea of having to switch rates on & off frequently as I go. I'm thinking mad loads of expo might be the answer. To be delicate with your controls at high speed and heavy as needed at low speed. What part of this doesn't work for you? (I'm planning ailerons too, mostly free of the prop wash.)
Have a wing started, have to decide what I'm powering it with now...

I'm thinking I'll do a little 1s differential thrust setup with old quad parts. I think I'll just do an elevator, no ailerons, no rudder...

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Ah yes... ye old ripoff gear reduction motors... always underpowered and used a really small motor... reminds me of the micro 'copters I used to fly... memories