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Mini BoostPack 12V Capacitor Car Battery / LiFe Abuse???

This guy is using capacitors to start his car. He added a 4200 LiFe to keep them topped off over longer periods of time. Without the battery, he says the capacitors go dead in about 3 days. Is he going to have issues charging the LiFe with this setup? Kind of interesting though.


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Probably not, as long as he keeps tabs on the balance of both the LiFe and the caps...
Very cool idea though...much lighter than a regular lead acid battery!


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@buggyboat, I think he won't have many issues. This is a comfortable setup considering the fact that capacitors can give an instant voltage spike for ignition. But he will be facing problems because capacitors obviously lose charge and require a battery to keep them charged so if he leaves this setup be for a longer duration of time, batteries will give up and eventually it's going to create bigger problems than the ones he's trying to avoid with this setup. It's a good idea though, with proper maintenance, it'll work.