Minor mods are worth trying.

I have had a lot of fun with the FT designs. Minor changes to fit personal preferences make the planes more user friendly. I do lose swappability using turtle decks instead on power pods. But I hate having to pull them out to change a battery.

For example, putting the dihedral for the Spitfire on the Mustang made the Mustang more responsive.

The difference in power systems on almost any plane changes everything. Using an 880kv motor and 12-6 SF prop on the Spitfire turns it into a mild 3D capable plane.



Landing gear and steerable tail wheels make flying at the airfield much more fun. I attach main gear by placing a piece of hobby plywood in the wings similar in design to the paint stick method in the build videos. I then drill a hole in the wood through the wing to accept the wire. Making a groove in the foam board to receive the remaining shape of the bends. Adding a few screws to trap the wire holds it in place. I use softer wire which bends easy enough to absorb bad landings. It is easily bent back or replaced with this setup.

Tail wheel attachment is creative at times. I have attached by just bending a wire and hot gluing to the rudder. I have used many different methods that work well depending on the plane and what parts I have laying around. Most ideas come from planes we have purchased. No matter the method used. It is more fun being able to taxi the plane back to the pits. (I'm not crashing, I'm making spare parts.)

I am a novice builder compared to many here. But after building over 100 planes I have picked up a few tricks many of which have been shared here. Use your imagination. Customize to what suits you best.

I hope others may add some helpful ideas. I could use the help.