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Mode 1 or Mode 2?

After having designed a few foamie airpanes, a new electrical system is required. I looked at the Hobby King OrangeRx T-SIX 2.4 Ghz radio and was suprised at the price. This receiver comes in both Mode 1 and Mode 2 and the only difference I've seen was that the throtte on the Mode 2 tranmitter was on the left hand side. Is there anything else that I missed? Many thanx in advance.

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it would help if you say where you live, since different radio modes are adopted in certain regions.

Also use the SEARCH mechanism on the forum, Im sure this question was answered more than 3 times around here.

Another tip is to ask a question showing that you already made a research and are still in doubt with certain aspects you discovered. Forum users will sympathize more with your efforts and interest in learning ...


Apparently we dont have the SEARCH function anymore on the forum ??
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It's a personal preference. Most people in the US fly Mode 2 where the throttle and rudder is on the left stick and the right stick has the ailerons and elevator in the same fashion a real airplane does. If you are in a different area then it's usually better to see what others around you are flying.
Thank you KKArioKA

I live on the West Side of New York State.

Since Hobby King is the only place that has OrangeRx radios there was little need to research much further. The Spektrum MX6e also has the same design but the screen was not as bright. They both have the features I I am looking for, and this will be a new demension of flying for me. I usually fly ultra micros indoors with the club I belong to. The MX5e I use does not allow me to fly the swappleable Delta plane.

Looking at the features of the two OrangeRx and Spektrum radios, they are almost a carbon copy of each other. The only difference that I noticed was that the Mode 2 had the throttle on the left side. Is there anything else that would make Mode 1 and Mode 2 drifferent?


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Since you fly ultra micros in NY now, most likely you're using mode 2. Are the planes you're flying now compatible with a spektrum transmitter?

It seems that the choice between mode 1 and 2 is mostly geographical, with folks in the US flying mode 2.

After flying a "real" plane with a "real" stick, mode 2 feels natural to me, but look at the Airbus pilots: the pilot flies with his left hand on the stick, and the copilot with his right hand.... I guess it's a matter of how you learned, and I don't think many folks are about to switch. You'll find mostly mode 2 transmitters in the US, but most are not hard to switch over.

Go with what you know.

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If you are already flying the ultra micros from Horizon (hobbyzone, parkzone, eflite) then you are flying mode 2. Most everything that is sold in the US comes with mode 2.

I think you mean the DX6i and DX5e. I wouldn't waste my time with a DX5e. I have had two of them and after getting a better radio I kick myself for not doing it in the first place. I fly a DX8 and I think you would love the DX6i or the Orange 6 channel. I think the orange is about as much copying as they could do without getting in trouble. It's probably a good radio. You can't beat Spektrum customer support though. It's legendary. A friend of mine just sent his three year old DX6i back for a bad gimble and they fixed it, replaced the antenna and did a couple others things for free and shipped it back for free.


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The mode does not change anything else than the position of the functions on the sticks.
There are 8 (but more normal 4) different modes but the only hardware difference is the spring return of the stick - removed on the throttle.
You can change the mode from 1 to 2 with a little instruction and a screwdriver (the spring return function).
It is smart to buy the mode you want and not fiddle with the mechanics if not necessary.


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It's funny how things can work out. I wanted to do a search, couldn't find the way to do it, got side tracked onto this thread, and found your post. Thanks Andre. Hope you reported that useful tool.
Yoohoo, Chad, are you paying attention? Quit sniffing the nitro and get it fixed.....please? :rolleyes:


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Just called Chad, (which BTW cost me $1 for one and a half minute :mad:) and he said the web guys are working on this as we speak. They are also working 100% with the kits.