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Monnet Monex


Junior Member
This is my other project for the holidays. The Monnet Monex. A shorter wing version of the Moni home built motor glider. I started with a set of German plans and modified them for DTFB. It is A/F pack size with four 3.7 g servos. I used a power pod from the original Baby Bugatti plans since I am also building one of those. And since I have an 1806 motor with nothing else to do I can swap it between them. Almost ready to maiden. I will post the plans I found online when I find them since I printed them 2 years ago😁
AC7015AA-742C-4A64-B743-BD14DBE8BFEB.jpeg A5ADAA91-3E85-4BB3-8F19-3601326AC38D.jpeg