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Help! Motor and ESC question


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A 10x 4.5 prop is much to big for a 2212-6t. it will likely overload the motor and/or 'fry' the ESC.
Hobby King recommend a 7x4 on a 2s battery or a 5x5 on a 3s.
As the maximum current the motor will draw is 34 A they also recommend a 40A ESC.
With the right prop you might get away with your 30 A ESC but I would not chance it myself.


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Way way way WAY Way too much prop for 2200kV - it'll smoke the motor OR the ESC or BOTH within about 30 seconds. Trust me, I know that from experience.

10x4.5 is almost too much for 2212 1400kV motors (ask me how I know that too...)

You want an 8x5 or 8x6 Slo-Fly for that motor. Even down to a 7x6. Either of those in a pusher are a good choice for the Explorer.