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My Quadcopter can lift 20 lbs !


Rotor Riot!
WHOA! Awesome! Did you win the contest?

Second video: If you can fly the chipmunk with the copter strapped to it, you have a perfect VTOL
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Crazy flyer/crasher :D
awesome combination. Especially the second video, the idea of the VTOL is really nice.

btw. what board are you using?
it is kinda shivering just before takeoff.


Multi-rotor madman
Thanks Eye!

I am looking to put together a "heavy lifter" for doing some aerial filming. Pretty impressive to see a quad doing that kinda weight.



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You might be on to something with the VTOL concept, make a quad-copter attachable under carriage for the plane, attach, take it up, apply plane thrust, fly around, bring it in, apply quad thrust take into hoover, bring it down. epic.



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
you might want to consider the size of the quadcopter.

If you are going to make a heavy lifter for such a weight a small Quad might not be the best way to go because you´ll need a nice low kv outrunner and also some very BIG propellers. If the motors are too close together you won´t be able to mount props with the sizes needed.

Have you got any limitations in terms of price?