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Naze32 V-Tail Quad Setup


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My setup is basically the flitetest vtail quad, but I didn't see the boom length, so I made them all 12", I never PID tuned the KK board, as the posted settings in the article worked well enough, but with 8045 props and 3S, it's pretty fast, but it's also light, with no FPV gear.

How'd you build your frame? I ask because I've already replaced 3 booms, just the front booms, one of them twice. They're a quick easy replacement, 4 holes in a 12" piece and reassemble. But when I eventually break a back boom, then I've got to scavenge the angled mount. That's going to be a pain. I've only flown it fpv once, and my thumb was shaking so bad I was all over the place.. :p How much work will it be for you when you need to replace a boom? And if it's not much at all, I'll have an order for two sets please.. ;)
The entire frame is made of wood and is very light. The front booms are foldable so hopefully they won't break. The rear are fixed. All are easy to remove but as you see in the pics, the rear booms are quite complicated to build. I am going to redesign them simpler when I have to replace one.

When you built yours, are your rear motors parallel to the rear booms like David's design, or did you correct the angel to prevent forward drift? Originally, mine were like David's but I made a second set when I was made aware of the drift. Honestly, I don't think a little forward drift will be a problem for an FPV craft.

Unfortunately, my cat chewed on one of my rear booms, so I have repair work already.
I hope the cat chewed on the corrected angle ones :D

I have one with arms like David's and it is no problem with forward drift. If anything, in FPV it will help you a little going forward and level at the same time. I can see this being a little disconcerting if you fly angle or horizon modes, but even then, a couple of trim clicks and the drift is gone.


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Yeah, I thought it was wood, and I noticed the folding front booms, that should save you from some damage.

I just used the wooden angled mounts. There is a small amount of forward drift that would be annoying if I wanted to let go of my controller and I expected it to sit still without gps position hold and wind. But honestly, who just hovers all day?

Cats are fun, I'd just fly it as is, it's going to see more damage anyway ;)
I got my motors, esc's, and everything else needed to complete my project. I started assembling it and nothing fit quite the way I wanted. There was no good place to put the esc's, battery, etc...so I decided a small redesign was needed. The only thing, small turned into total pretty quick. The paint is still not dry and I have some touchup to do. I need to wait a couple of days before I install the booms or they will stick. It looks like the final wight fully loaded will be around 1,000 to 1,100 grams so this should be a screamer.



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Ok, time to show off my inner nerd . . .

For a V-tail:

L = prop length

θ = tilt angle of the motor (off vertical)

h = height of motor (from base to botom of the prop)

d = distance between motor centers (your boom would be attached at the midpoint of this)

then to find the motor spacing for a desired prop:

d = Cos(θ)(L - 2h Tan( θ) )

or to find the max prop for a given motor spacing:

L = 2h Tan(θ) + d/Cos(θ)

I like 20 degrees myself on my v-tails -- efficient (6% loss) and gobs of yaw, but finding the angle for a given prop and motor spacing is left as an exercise for the reader ;)
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Yes I did, but when I started adding my esc's, receiver, battery, and everything else, I didn't like the way everything was mounted. There was no planning for them, so I did a redesign. I started by adding the lower battery tray/esc holder, but then needed to turn the craft upside down because of the PDB, then got fed up and started over.


My motor angle is set to 30 degrees and I will be using the 8x5 HQ props. The motors are mounted as you see them, and the height of the motors is about 1.5 inches. I have no idea what you did up there. I'll just measure 4 inches from the prop shafts to find where the tips will be and then rebuild a new tail assembly. What do you think of a 1/2 inch gap between the props?

Tomorrow I will rebuild the tail boom, finish soldering the ESC's, then plug into Baseflight for the first time.