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New Cheap Versitile Scratch Built Motor Mount/Firewall


Junior Member
I am three weeks into this scratch building disease and I came up with a cheap yet effective and versatile idea for a motor mount. Go to you local home improvement store's electrical sections and look at the single gang new work boxes. Make sure to look at the HEAVY DUTY ones... can you see the mount/firewall? For 72 cents and 35 seconds you can make a simple light weight firewall by cuting as seen in the pictures below. If you need something a little more substantial add some of the plastic that you cut off as diagonal supports with some CA. If you want a simple addition to the power pod, don't make it L shaped and glue the extensions onto the inside or outside of your power pod. The plastic is lightweight and strong and and very easy to work with. If any one has any questions feel free to drop me a line and I will submit further instructions and photos.

IMG_6202.JPG IMG_6203.JPG IMG_6204.JPG


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BTW, in the photos a Grey Box was used to better show the marking of the center point (notice the nice recessed area for the motor shaft) and the cut marks. I used a band saw to make the cuts but also have used a Dremel with a cut off disc.


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I didn't know where to find the plywood for the firewalls, but in your hardware store there, near the window section, I found .093 Lexan polycarbonate, which seems to work pretty well, about 8"x10" for $4. I 'd bet you could make 30 firewalls or anything else out of it! Hooray for [insert local hardware store name]!