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Good evening all,

My name is Brandon, I joined the forum because my all day job is as an HVAC service technician, I was in a customers home and he had several foam airplanes that he had built for himself and for his family. I have always been somewhat interested in the RC hobby and I snapped a couple of quick picture (with the homeowners blessing :) ) He actually gave me the name of this site to look things up on.

Anyway I have twin 8 year old boys, one is into anything motors and the other is into video games. The video game son saw the photos and has been begging to build one. I told him we would have to do it during the summer months when I am less busy, and that maybe we could build one while we are at our campground we visit on the summer weekends. We brought our camper out of storage and he has not forgotten and would really like to work together on a build.

So here I am, looking for an easy to build, easy to learn to fly and relatively inexpensive way to get one or both of my boys, and maybe even their older sister into this hobby.

I will look around on the site, but if anyone has any good suggestions, or ideas for me I am all ears.

thanks all


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Welcome to the forums.
The tiny trainer, simple cub, ft explorer, storch & bushwhacker are on my list of recommended trainer planes.


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Welcome to the hobby and the forums Brandon. You sir have come to a good place. I salute you #1 for having twin boys, #2 for getting them into the hobby. This is the perfect place for that. I myself really took hold of the hobby with the Simple Scout. It is like the name implies, simple to build and simple to fly. I started just under a year ago and have built 4 different versions of it, its kinda nostalgic like that. It will be easy for you and the boys, and possibly the older sis, to get into the build and see quick progression to keep them interested. Then once you fly it a couple times just so you know what you are talking about when you explain it to them of coarse lol, you all will be flying and building all summer. That's what my vote would be


If you take the flight test route I also go with the scout , very stable flying plane.but then you'll need a transmitter, batteries,and charger , electronics to go in the plane ,looking at 2to 3 hundred dollars. If you want to see how interested the twins are for a hundred dollars look at this comes with all you need to fly


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