Newbie - Power Pack B Motor/Prop question - Simple Scout


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Thanks, this is amazing value. I'm going to have to investigate costs for importing to the UK.
This runs off a 3s 1300 if I remember correctly. But the Sunnysky will run off 4s if I wanted more oomph

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Thanks, this is amazing value. I'm going to have to investigate costs for importing to the UK.
They have a 2217 sized one too. I used it on my explorer and had plenty of power. It would probably be alot for a scout. Only thing I don't like about them is they are heavier than average. That smaller motor isn't too good for a true mini. It works fine on the tiny trainer and my semi-mini scout though.


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I'm just about to build a Simple Scout using the quick build kit but want to source my own motor, prop, ESC, servos etc.
I love that Flite Test publish free plans as well as kits for those of us that are new to fixed-wing (I've been flying quadcopters for a while).
Can anyone point me in the direction of the motor/prop specifications for kit B?

I have looked at the Simple Scout build video and it seems to start off with an e-max 2204 (classic quadcopter motor) but there is a different motor in the plane at the end of the build.

Things I think I need to know (i.e. I don't know what I don't know).

Motor dimensions e.g. 2204
Motor KV
Motor weight
Recommended prop for a 3s battery (I don't think a 4s will fit in the plane)
Thrust for a given prop
I'm not sure about wattage as it depends on the motor efficiency (i.e. inefficient motors use watts in heat)

Thanks in advance.

I run cheap motors and ESC off of Amazon for my Scout builds, and they work great:

Motor: A2212/13T 1000kv (sold under various names, gold/orange & silver colored, buy a multi-pack to get them cheap)
Prop: APC 9 x 6e or 9 x 7.5e work best (don't go above 7.5 pitch)
ESC: 40A (often sold bundled with the motors, also get in multi-pack)
Battery: 3S 1300mah, (3S 1500mah also work, but are a tighter fit). 2-packs usually give you best bang/buck.
With this ESC you can also run 4S, but you have to run an inch smaller prop.