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OFFICIAL Bixler thread!!!

Tim Hoyer

Watch This!!!!!
IMG_0011.jpg You know you love it!! Lets see your mods, FPV setup's and all around discussion on this great plane.

Mine was madined last night and this thing FLOATS!!! Had to take the 100' walk of shame to get it :D
Next comes the Gopro!
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Tim Hoyer

Watch This!!!!!
Aw heck, now I REALLY need to get a bixler.

Thanks a bunch Tim. :D
I only bough it cause it was so inexpensive. Man oh man is it a fun thumbs off floater. Really nice after a long bad day at work! The only thing that really upset me was the lack of leads comming off the motor. I needed 2 sets of needle nose pliers to connect up the ESC
Replacement Items Details (Absolute Amature Beginner)

hey JB and JS whats going on? few questions i would like to swing your way...

im about to purchase 2 Hobbyking Bixler RTF kits (1 x mode 1 and 1 x mode 2)
im a beginner and so is my dad but we are going to learn on these... on the website it does list what components are in the bixler BUT.. when i type them in everything BUT the item comes up... can you please either link or detail the parts for this plane if crashed (motor replacement, prop replacement, ESC replacement and all that good stuff (everything!!!_)

really dont want to buy the plane and not be able to replace the parts...

im also completely amature and need to know that it is going to work with the supplied Remote if and when i need to replace these components...

-Jameshartdrums :)



Rotor Riot!
Replacement Parts:

The following parts are upsized, to give better performance. Suggestions are welcome.

Batteries: Lots of people use 2200mAh instead of 1300mAh (longer flight time) Buy 2.

Turnigy 2200mAh: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=8934

Turnigy 1300mAh: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__9493__Turnigy_1300mAh_3S_30C_Lipo_Pack.html

ESC: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=2164

Servos: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__662__HXT900_9g_1_6kg_12sec_Micro_Servo.html

Charger: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__11060__HobbyKing_ECO6_50W_5A_Balancer_Charger_w_accessories.html Blame FlyingMonkey if it's not good.

Power Supply: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__6256__12V_5A_110_240V_50_60Hz_Power_Supply.html

Motor & prop: I don't know yet, someone else can please tell me! But it's very hard to break these!

I have read that the stock HobbyKing ESC is useless... Turnigy plush are the way to go


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i wouldn't recommend getting different mode controllers, i think u guys probably wana learn on the same type and stick to it otherwise ull end up getting confused. :)
yeah good point... fingers crossed i can get these planes.. have to get them shipped from a friend in America because the Australian warehouse basically has nothing we can learn on... i want the bixler


Rotor Riot!
FLITE TIP: Bixler Wing Fastening

If you have a Bixler, you don't want your wings to come loose when flying, and you also don't want to glue them in, so that you can easily transport the plane.

Cheap and Lightweight Solution:

Place a strap of Velcro so that you can detach the small flaps and pull out the wings.

CIMG2990.jpg CIMG2991.jpg CIMG2993.jpg

Original author unknown. Credit goes to him. Idea and images come from a certain forum on the web which I will not link to, as to not draw away the traffic from flitetest.com


Rotor Riot!
LOL! You say that becuase you know I have flown the wings off it........ Literally!

One good mod for your Bixler is to fasten the wings via rear earth magnets, velcro, tape, or glue.

Time to order another bixler! :)

I'm quite surprised you don't get them for free... Or at a discount!
Short motor wires...

Hi, guys, those short wires are a pain in the backside, quick solution cut out the foam to release the wires in the
bulkhead, it is thick and bulky enough to allow for some removal, our clever Chinese installers sometimes amaze me with their extra talents:D:D:D


Bixler frustration!

There is a guy who lives in my neighborhood who bought an ARF Bixler. He is using a cheap 2.4 GHz TX and RX from an RTF Hellcat from Banana Hobby. I maidened the plane and it would barely climb. I've flown 3 separate Sky Surfers (same plane) and they all are a kick in the butt! Fun, fast, and forgiving.

I cut away foam from around the outrunner's housing because it seemed like that was causing drag. The motor spun much more freely afterward. But, the plane is still very anemic compared to the Sky surfers I have flown.

I haven't tried to fly it with my HK Turnigy 9x TX and RX (LOVE it-btw). I found that I can fly a Blitzworks F/A-18 50 mm EDF from BH far better on my programmable TX than the stock RTF TX. Could this be a similar issue?

We replaced the stock prop with an APC 6x3E prop. This is the same prop I fly my 4 channel modified Wild Hawk on with unlimited vertical performance. It has more bite on the Bixler, but still not up to par compared to the Sky Surfer.

What the heck is going on here????