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Pietenpol or mini scout


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I am building two or three ft planes from DTFB to practice before I build my storch kit. I want to build either the mini scout or Pietenpol. Which one flies better.


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The Pietenpol is an interesting build and a nice scale plane, but the mini scout is easier to build and flies better, in my opinion. While both can likely be altered to use alierons (linked to a single central servo), the mini scout is easier to do this with, should you be so inclined.

As a trainer aircraft, however, the Pietenpol would win. It has tamer characteristics and is pretty good at self stabilizing.

Of the two, though, the mini scout lived longer in my hanger.


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Hi to all! Thanks for the help and plans!
My first scrach built this summer. And the first one that flew out of my hands on its own.
Love this Pietenpol!
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There is also Airvan of the others, but he is now unlucky.

FT Pietenpol.jpg