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Plug your YouTube channel


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It's in my signature. :) Interesting story...I originally created Perkyplanes as my main youtube channel, but then I decided I wanted a vlog channel too. So I had 2 channels I maintained for a while. Then I thought maybe that was too much work, and decided to end Perkyplanes and put all RC related stuff on my vlog channel. Well that didn't last long as now I have brought Perkyplanes back. Just can't make up my mind! I am going to leave it this way though with the 2 channels and upload content to both...

Vlog channel (personal life stuff, music, food, etc)

RC channel
Perkyplanes & RC


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I guess I should pop mine back into rotation here. I got a TON of boring flight videos showing improvements or symptoms on what I fly to help people out. there is also Tips n Tricks series I recently started since the last time I posted in this thread. The latest run of videos is a lot on my Gremlin and now on my race build I call TAZ. There is a funny spot in my latest video here where I try a full send launch for the first time on 5s from the ground and all I manage to do is a full throttle face plant the difference is so big power wise. I play that section on repeat at least once a day to laugh at myself because its a funny fail specially when the green mist comes up as the grass is shredded.

Here is the main page link if you want to sub or just check things out.


Here is parts of the first the first 5s battery run. Watch the volume if you use headphones as its a pretty loud and insane scream at full power.



Wake up! Time to fly!
HAHA pretty much.

Im not a fan of that other hive so I had to evolve and start my own again.

Still need to edit the header pic and add a Taranis in the hand of that borg it already has goggles. Then modify General Grevious to be set up like a quad with the light sabers spinning overhead as the props.

I am trying to put together a collaboration and make a channel preview video with a spoof on Sammy Hagars "I Cant Drive 55". I already have the words changed and ready as well as the first guitar part done.