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I am new to scratch building and RC in general. I am attempting to scratch build my first FT Flyer. I taped the tiled plans together and before I began cutting it out I decided to measure the distance between the tabs on the power pod as well as where the tabs meet the wings on the FT flyer. My measurements were not the same...so I was wondering if someone could measure a speed build power pod or ft flyer wing and tell me what the spacing on the tabs should really be so I can adjust my pattern before I cut it out. So my pod will match all the other swappables I build in the future.



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The wings have a bend in them, which brings the tabs closer together. The build video give a pretty good description of this, and it's probably worth watching if you're new to scratch building.


You might be overthinking this a little. The power pods are easy enough to build and don't take much in the way of materials. The whole idea around using foamboard is that the cuts don't have to be precise. The foam tabs will give a little and the tape will provide the necessary strength. Build your plane, see how well it goes together and adjust on the next one if required.

I've built about a half dozen power pods so far. Some from downloaded plans and some from speed build kits. Every one I learn a little bit more and each one looks and works better.


I had an issue with the scale of the plans do to a printer setting being off

That's an easy mistake to make - most PDF print drivers have a "fit to page" box that has to be unchecked. That won't affect just the tabs though, everything will be off.


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I am referring to the tabs on the same side of the pod (long side), not the ones opposite that span the score in the wing.

From the front of the pod to the start of the first tab is 4 inches. The tabs are 1 inch wide. There is a 6 inch gap between the two tabs. Hope that helps.

It probably is a scale issue with how you are printing the PDF plans. Make sure you are printing them at 100% scale and you should be okay.


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Speaking of Power Pods.....

Here is a picture of my "inverted power pod" and one of it installed in the FT-Spitfire. Notice the opening is downward, allowing access to the space inside the pod without having to remove the pod each time. This will really only be advantageous on certain designs that have both/either tight battery clearance issues (Spitfire) and those that need the extra space. Another advantage is it opens up the ESC to much more cooling airflow in most designs. I'm working with Dan Sponholz to get a formal set of drawings in the near future.
First is new pod removed (duh), second shows the cavern created above the wings of the spitfire with the pod installed and the last one shows the battery half-way inserted showing (hopefully) how much vertical clearance there is now over the wing area.

IMG_20170515_062355[1].jpg IMG_20170517_065251[1].jpg IMG_20170517_065443[1].jpg